Biomolecular NMR Center at
Johns Hopkins University

Welcome to the Biomolecular NMR Center at Johns Hopkins University
The goal of the center is to provide resources for research, education and training for
biophysical studies using state of the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopic techniques.

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The mission of the Biomolecular NMR Center is to provide a facility that allows researchers in the Hopkins community to use NMR Spectroscopy to address structural, mechanistic, and functional questions in biological systems. Research areas include, but are not restricted to, three-dimensional structure determination of proteins and nucleic acids, biomolecular interaction and dynamics, and the development of NMR methodology to advance the scope of applications.In an effort to expand our horizons, we are actively encouraging research groups outside of Hopkins to avail of our resources. Currently, we provide consultation and services to two external user groups, and this number is likely to increase in the future.

Training and Education

The NMR Center has a dual mission of research and training. It provides a variety of hands-on programs for students and researchers, and expands the use of NMR spectroscopy to students that may not come from a traditional biomolecular NMR lab. Students also play an active role in the day-to-day maintenance and operation of the Center. To stay up to date on most recent developments in the field, as well as to encourage a sense of community, the facility maintains an active journal club during the Fall and Spring semesters. Members of the NMR Center are encouraged to present on either recent publications, personal research, or essential topics regarding biomolecular NMR spectroscopy.


The core facility, located on the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, is home to four main spectrometers. The highest field spectrometer on site is a Varian Inova 800 MHz spectrometer equiped with a triple resonance room temperature probe. The facility is also home to 600 MHz Bruker Spectrometers, Avance and Avance II models. They both have triple resonance cyroprobes. The final magnet located on the Homewood Campus is a Varian Inova 500 MHz magnet located in Remsen Hall.

The Biomolecular NMR Community

The Biomolecular NMR Center supports an active research community here at Johns Hopkins University. Research labs from several departments, including biophysics, biology, and chemistry, are make use of the facility. Learn more about the history of the center, the individuals presently involved, and future events right here.

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The Biomolecular NMR Center is located on the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus
Dr. Ananya Majumdar is the facilities manager and primary contact

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3400 N Charles St
New Chemistry Building
Room 153A
Baltimore, MD 21218
United States


Dr. Ananya Majumdar:
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Dr. Joel Tolman:
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