NMR Scheduling

Homewood Campus:

Scheduling is carried out on a weekly basis during a sign-up meeting in the Director's office (New Chemistry Building, Room 153) every Friday at 10:45 AM. During the meeting, the Director allocates time based on availability, priority, etc. The time table for the following week is then posted on the online JHEM Calendar. Except for special circumstances, NMR time allocation is exclusively carried out by the NMR Director. If you miss the sign-up meeting, you may email the Director and he will sign you up, if possible. Users are then expected to edit their time-slots on the calendar based on how many hours they actually use. A document explaining the procedure for viewing and editing the JHEM Calendar is available here (note: this link is only available to currently authorized JHU NMR users): Editing the JHEM Calendar .

Bills are submitted electronically on a monthly basis. Billing cycles extend from the 26th of one month to the the 25th of the next. Users are usually sent a reminder around the 26th of the month, to update their NMR usage.

For a quick glance (view only) at this week's schedules on the Homewood Spectrometers, click on the appropriate link below:

Bruker 600 (Brew)

Bruker 600 (Brew2) Varian 800 Varian 500


Medical School Campus:

The 500 MHz spectrometer is "open access" and users may sign up on their own via the JHEM Calendar. The signup protocol is similar to the one at Homewod (authorized users can link to the JHEM Calendar Sign Up Guide JHMI). Users are also expected to record their usage in the log book, which is used for billing. The 600 MHz spectrometer is also open access, but only for users who have been trained to use the cold probe. Sign up is through the JHEM Calendar or via log book entries.

For a quick glance (view only) at this week's schedules on the Medical School Spectrometers, click on the appropriate link below:

Varian 500 (Flipper)
Varian 600