About the Biomolecular NMR Center

The Johns Hopkins Biomolecular NMR Center is an inter-campus research facility, encompassing the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (SOM). The Center comprises of six NMR spectrometers – four of which equipped with high sensitivity cryogenic probes – for carrying out liquid state high-resolution NMR studies of biological macromolecules.

The objective of the NMR Center is to facilitate biological NMR related research, training and education to the entire Johns Hopkins community.

For further information about the Center, please contact:


Homewood Campus

Medical School Campus

Dr. Ananya Majumdar

Director, NMR Center

Phone: (410) 516 8670
           (410) 516 4224

 email: ananya@jhu.edu

Professor James Stivers

Department of Pharmacology
and Molecular Sciences

Phone: (410) 502 2758

email: jstivers@jhmi.edu

Professor Blake Hill

Department of Biology
Phone: (410) 516 6783

email: hill@jhu.edu

Professor Joel Tolman

Department of Chemistry
Phone: (410) 516 8022

email: jtolman@jhu.edu